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Animated Rainbow Star Divider by GasaraAnimated Rainbow Star Divider by Gasara

Seabreeze Swirl

Seabreeze Swirl (Redesign) by MLP-Starblaze

Name: Seabreeze Swirl
Gender: Mare
Species: Sea pony/Unicorn
Nicknames: Seabreeze
City: Mareibbean Islands
Age: 18
Pet: Seasplash, a mini dolphin that often travels with her inside her water mane.
Birthday: May 30th
Element: Seabreeze represents the element of "Love," for her faithful and loving spirit.
Friend: Seawinkle
Quick info/Personality: Seabreeze is a quiet, sweet pony who is usually warm, gentle, and caring. Seabreeze is always keeping her faith on the bright side of things, and keeping a good attitude. She lives partly in the sea, and partly on an island. Seabreeze lives near many other sea ponies surrounding the island. Her talent is singing by the ocean, and calming the waves with her voice. (That's sea pony magic for ya) Her horn glows whenever she sings, which is the magic that calms the waves. The two glowing charms hanging from her horn are what allow her to breath underwater. (Every sea pony has at least 1) She enjoys collecting shells, and usually sings as the sun sets. Sea ponies are often attacked and stolen from by pirates, and have had an ongoing rivalry for a long time.
Talents: Singing/Sea magic

Animated Rainbow Star Divider by GasaraAnimated Rainbow Star Divider by Gasara


Tayva MLP OC by MLP-Starblaze

Name: Tavian (But prefers Tayva)
Gender: Mare
Species: Sphinx
Nicknames: Tayva, Tay
City: A kingdom called Alden
Age: 19
Favorite color: Blue
Birthday: July 28th
Pet: Tayva has two Pokemon who help her with her job, a Jolteon and a Meowth.
Friend: Tilda
Element: Tayva would represent the element of "Courage," because of her brave, never giving up, courageous spirit.
Quick info/Personality: Tayva is a strong, brave, and courageous pony. She specializes skills with a sword and a shield, working as one of the knights for the Alden kingdom. She is very active and agile, and never backs down from a challenge. Tayva is a high ranked knight at the knight academy where they train, and has been training since she was a filly.
Talents: Fighting/Knighthood, etc...

Animated Rainbow Star Divider by GasaraAnimated Rainbow Star Divider by Gasara


Flamelight by MLP-Starblaze

Name: Flamelight
Gender: Mare
Species: Pegasus/Lantern Pony
Nicknames: Flame
City: No specific location
Age: 16
Favorite color: Yellow
Birthday: May 13th
Element: Flamelight would represent the element of "Mischievousness," because of her tricky and mischievousness spirit.
Friend: Taffy Dusk
Quick info/Personality: Flamelight is a troublemaking, playful spirit who plays an unusual and unknown role. She is mysterious, yet playful and sarcastic. (Her personality is based off of Midna from Zelda, the Twilight Princess) She has strange magic, and spends most of her time invisible, allowed by her unusual magic, and only one or two ponies have ever seen her. Every night, she leaves a lit lantern by each ponies house, that disappear in the morning. The lantern she leaves by each house keeps nightmares away from the ponies.
Talents/Hobbies: Keeping nightmares away from ponies/unusual, strange magic.

Animated Rainbow Star Divider by GasaraAnimated Rainbow Star Divider by Gasara

Bay Anchor

Bay Anchor (Nightly Pony) by MLP-Starblaze

Name: Bay Anchor
Gender: Mare
Species: Earth Pony
Nicknames: Bay
City: Sails the Mareibbean Sea on Anchorway ship.
Age: 17
Favorite color: Golden and blue
Birthday: June 17th
Element: Bay would represent the element of "Bravery," because of her brave and determined spirit.
Friend: Feather Runes
Quick info/Personality: Bay can appear as being cold and stubborn, but she is really more caring then she appears. Don't get me wrong, she can be merciless to her enemies, but also a whole different pony to only her closest. She hardly ever has feelings for anypony or subject, but the only one she gets touchy with is her mother's death. She earned her cutie mark when she found treasure for the first time, which is what the silver anchor is that she wears around her neck. Bay is coordinated, a quick thinker, and very strong. She was trained by her father who is captain of the Anchorway ship, and trained her to be next in line.
Talents/Hobbies: Sailing/Tresure hunting/Fighting

Animated Rainbow Star Divider by GasaraAnimated Rainbow Star Divider by Gasara


Kit Kat | Sketch Commission by DoeKitty
Name: Kit-Kat
Gender: Mare
Species: Bat Pony
Nicknames: Kat
City: ?
Age: 16
Favorite color: Orange
Birthday: October 11th
Element: Kit-Kat represents the element of "Playfulness"
Pet: A black cat named Kiki (Totally not going off Kiki's Adventure o,o) XD
Quick info/Personality: Kit-Kat is a playful, joking pony. She loves Halloween and loves to scare ponies for fun. She can be a bit naughty sometimes, but means no harm. She is a witch, although she keeps the secret hidden. Every Halloween she delivers candy to each ponies doorstep with Kiki, and even has a broom that possesses magic. (THE MAGIC BROOM MWHAHA X,D)
Talent: Magic/Delivering candy
Animated Rainbow Star Divider by GasaraAnimated Rainbow Star Divider by Gasara

December Snow

December Snow OC (WIP) by MLP-Starblaze

Name: December Snow
Gender: Mare
Species: Earth Pony
Nicknames: N/A
Residence: Aldenwood Forest (A forest in Alden)
Age: 16
Favorite color: Green
Birthday: December 1st
Element: December's element would be peace, because of her gentle and peaceful spirit.
Friend: Comet Blitz
Quick info/Personality: December is a gentle spoken pony, and typically very wise for her age. She is the guardian of the huge Aldenwood Forest, which contains many magical creatures and items that she protects. Almost all of the animals and creatures look up to her, and call her the Forest Princess. She is very calm and kind, but is also outgoing and fun with her friends. The Aldenwood forest is little known, and hardly anypony knows about it, so most of her friends are animals.
Talents/Hobbies: Taking care of the forest and the forests creatures.

Animated Rainbow Star Divider by GasaraAnimated Rainbow Star Divider by Gasara


[GIFT] Snow Leopard Kwami by Sky-Artz

Name: Kyra
Gender: Female
Species: Kwami Snow Leopard
Superhero: N/A
Transforms with: Bracelet
Quick info/Personality: Kyra is sassy and sarcastic, but also can be pretty fun and sweet depending on her mood.

My Pokemon Team <3

Missy, my Pokesona Trainer:
Pokesona (Missy, Pokemon Trainer) by MLP-Starblaze
My usual team:
Meowth by CreepyJellyfishJolteon by CreepyJellyfishX/Y Keldeo (Resolute) Cursor by mid0456X/Y Lucario Cursor by mid0456X/Y Latios Cursor by mid0456Blaziken by CreepyJellyfishSkitty by CreepyJellyfish
Other Pokemon:
Luxio by CreepyJellyfishServine by CreepyJellyfishLeafeon by CreepyJellyfishEspurr by CreepyJellyfishSylveon by CreepyJellyfishAmpharos-mega by CreepyJellyfishDewott by CreepyJellyfishPonyta by CreepyJellyfishMinun by CreepyJellyfish


MLP-Starblaze's Profile Picture
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States

Welcome, and thanks for visiting!
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Hello! I am Missy, and I'm just another Christian pony artist. I mostly like to make ponies, but make other stuff every once in a while. ;P
Toby, Ozzie, And Dreamer by MLP-Starblaze
My website, please check it out! :D…

I use Photoshop for all my art, and no other program.
I DON'T use bases unless stated so in the description.

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Have a question for me or my pony? You can ask here! :D
Ask Me or My Ponies! by MLP-Starblaze

If you haven't noticed, my three OC's, Starblaze, Jo-Jo, and Lyra all have a paw marking on one side of their hoof. It is sort of their/my signature marking, and connects them as friends. (If that can make sense ;P)

Here are my three OC's with their pets ;D
Starblaze And Toby - commission 4/4 by DoeKittyJojo and Dreamer - sketch commission by DoeKittyLyra And Ozzie - Sketch Commission by DoeKitty

And my three OC's reference sheets, some stuff on them might be outdated a bit though XD
Starblaze OC MLP Ultimate Reference Sheet No 2 by MLP-Starblaze Jo-Jo Reference Sheet Mlp Oc by MLP-Starblaze Lyra Stormflight OC MLP Ultimate Reference Sheet by MLP-Starblaze

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My commission prices:
Commission Prices (Closed)Commission Prices
Please note me if you are interested in commissioning or getting a price quote/commission with this form:
Also, even if they are closed, you can feel free to note me if you want to just get a price quote for future reference. :-)
Type of commission:
(Eye shape, if reference isn't showstyle):
Any certain positions/expressions?:
Background(If part of commission):
Prices may change, as this is still a WIP
100 points = 1$
Price range depends on complexity
Limit of 3 characters per image

Pony vector, no shading (Closed)


Pony vector with shading (Closed)

Pony vector with shading + background/wallpape

Feel free to draw any of my OC's, I have their cutie marks in my folders or in their descriptions if you need to use it. I love seeing other people's work of my characters, so link back to me or just mention me in the description if you would like so I can see it! :la: :D
You can use them in books/stories/comics, etc... just stay true to the character if you do :D
December Snow OC (WIP) by MLP-StarblazeKit-Kat MLP OC by MLP-StarblazeTayva MLP OC by MLP-StarblazeFlamelight by MLP-StarblazeSeabreeze Swirl (Redesign) by MLP-StarblazeBay Anchor (Nightly Pony) by MLP-StarblazeDraidon MLP OC by MLP-StarblazeToby, Ozzie, And Dreamer by MLP-StarblazePokesona (Missy, Pokemon Trainer) by MLP-Starblaze[GIFT] Snow Leopard Kwami by Sky-Artz
Feel free to note me about art trades or commissions, or any questions you may have! ;D

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Awesome people and friends (All of them are amazing, you should watch them all :la: :squee:) I love you all so much! <3
:iconbronybehindthedoor::iconmarrow-pony::iconmargo24::iconalphasilvershade::iconmlploverdash::iconmaraudersecho::iconnorthernlights8::iconashlystorm::iconbestanimationsco::iconsky-artz: :iconuponia::iconjahzi: :iconqlitter-belle::iconkushmastafresh: :icondiddledoodles: :icontherainbowponykitty: :iconpainted-skys: :iconsockslord: :iconthunderstruck17: :iconnoah-x3: :iconshazbaz579: :icongypsy-meadow: :iconraiilynn: :iconspicy-demon: :icondoekitty:

Artists I respect/Senpais:
:iconnazegoreng: :icondoekitty: :iconcentchi: :iconappledew: :iconrainbow-rocket: :iconsky-artz: :iconsorasku: :iconglitter-bell: :iconpainted-skys:

Favorite artist:

Other: I don't do Skype, or give out any personal info under any circumstances, I am sorry!
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Fandoms I am in too/Characters I like, etc...

Chat Noir by Re-thoChat Noir by Re-thoStarblaze Stamp by TheMoonRavenJo Stamp by MLP-StarblazeLyra Stamp by MLP-StarblazeStorybook FAN Stamp by TheMoonRavenBarrel Racer - Stamp by horseytamer1DA Stamp - Want to Roleplay 01 by tppgraphicsAzure Mular Fan Stamp by TheMoonRavenRodeo stamp by sorrelstangMLP: Friendship is Magic Stamp by ecokittyPalomino Stamp by backinthesaddleclawhauser stamp by bulletblendI'm a Christian stamp by ShootingStar02zootopia stamp by gunsweatWarriors Stamp by GoldencloudAnimal lover. by Monster-BoarCats. by Monster-BoarMew by L3xil3inEevee's Stamp by Szkot-ayeTigress Stamp by ByoWT1125Stamp: I Love Cute Things by starfire-wolfStuffed Animals Stamp by flutter-samaOC Love Stamp by rynokilove music stamp by Fire-FelineI love when people draw my characters stamp by ReiirinDA Stamp - Roleplaying 01 by tppgraphicsAvalon Web of Magic Stamp by Dream-Of-SerenityNightowl Stamp by Kezzi-RoseFairground Stamp by Kezzi-RoseSelf taught artist - stamp by Eirene86SS : Link by fricken-pimpI Love Stars- stamp by AlbinoSeaTurtleStamp: I love deviantART by apparateGatomon by Cathines-StampsJesus is love by christiansFavorite Characters Stamp by Stamp221Skyward Sword: Link and Groose stamp by TiuanaRuiI talk to my pet Stamp by Stamp221I love to write Stamp by HappyStampLink and Midna Stamp by rosa-pegasusEpona Stamp by Jokersita-Midna Love Stamp- by ccuccoThe Lion King by WrathOfReesesToothless Love Stamp by smileystampsDisney Stamp - TLK 008 by hanaktDisney Simba + Nala PLEASE Stamp by TwilightProwlerHunger Games Stamp by JtDanieli collect PLUSHIES! stamp by RRRAIStamp: Dragon Fan by SD-DreamCrystalPokemon: Keldeo by SD-DreamCrystalPokemon X/Y Stamp: Jolteon by SD-DreamCrystal

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My icon collection: (They are in order, I USUALLY switch every 3-4 days XD) All of them are by the lovely :iconmoushige-yolo:
[PC] Starblaze by Moushige-YOLO

Thank you for visiting! :D <3


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Saving up to commission other amazing artists, and things like that, so donations are appreciated sooo much, you have no idea, thank you!! <3
Starblaze Pony by MLP-Starblaze

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